Club Policies – Colts



Any player who does not have a gumshield will NOT be allowed to play, be it training or a match.



Appropriate gear and footwear must be worn at all times when playing on the pitch.
For training, all players must have shinguards, tracksuit bottoms/shorts, runners/astroturf shoes (NO KEDS!) and a gumshield.
For matches, navy track pants or shorts and red top (provided by club) must be worn. A club hoodie can be purchased for €30 at the start of the season. 1st-4th years must wear a navy skort, red top and white socks for matches.



Training will always go ahead in the rain. For the younger groups, it is up to the parents’ own discretion whether they want to bring their daughters to training. For older groups, we expect full attendance even in the rain. Matches will not be cancelled because of rain.
Training/matches may have to be cancelled in the case of frost or snow. If you are unsure as to whether training is on, check the website HALF AN HOUR before the start of the session for an update. Please do not text or call coaches.



Attendance is taken at every session. If you cannot make your session, please text your head coach ahead of time to inform them.



We have a strict 2:1 policy meaning no child should ever be alone with any coach. This mainly applies to the young kids when they want to use the bathroom. No children are allowed in coaches cars and therefore must always make their own way to matches. We have a Children’s Officer and Designated Person to deal with any issues that may arise.



View our code of conduct pertaining to our Colts members.