Our Lady’s Hockey Club – Colts Super 6s



Coaches TBC
Age Group 4th & 5th Class Students
Training Day Sunday Mornings 11am – 12noon


The objective for this group is to learn hockey skills, through fun games and specialised drills for their age groups.

Training Agenda

  • Coaches will break the groups down into workable numbers – as advised by the Leinster Hockey Branch
  • The term leading up to Christmas will be broken into 2 modules; each module will be coached for 2 or 3 weeks with the final week resulting in a mini internal blitz for each group to showcase what they have learned
  • Coaches will remain at skill stations, while the children rotate every 10 minutes.  A hooter will signal the start of new stations
  • Coaches will encourage & advise children on how to improve their skills
  • A 20-minute session will also be included to explain some rules, tactics and positioning for matches – with explanations to suit each age group
  • Each week the sessions will finish with a match to include skills learned that evening